Meet the team

We are the Medway Navigation team, based at Allington Lock.

  • Jadams

    Jason Adams

    Medway Navigation Team Leader

  • Dpayne

    David Payne

    Navigation Technical Specialist

  • Ndundon

    Nick Dundon

    Senior Navigation Officer

  • Jroots

    Josh Roots

    Waterways Development Officer

  • Jmcarthur

    Jon McArthur

    Navigation Technical Specialist

  • Sflower

    Steven Flower

    Senior Lock Keeper

  • Tbrown

    Terry Brown

    Lock Keeper

  • Cpulley

    Clive Pulley

    Navigation Officer

  • Msaunders

    Mark Saunders

    Navigation Officer

  • Dnorey

    David Norey

    Navigation Officer

River Status


All vessels using these waterways must be registered with the Environment Agency.

For further information call: 03708 506 506

Last updated: 13 Jul, 23:30 PM