River Rules & Etiquette

Please make yourself familiar with the guidance below and be considerate of others. 

  • Speed Limit

    Do not exceed the 5 knot speed limit on the navigation, 5 knots is approximately the speed of a brisk walk.

  • Keep To The Right

    Moving craft should avoid collisions by normally keeping to the right hand side of the navigable channel.

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  • Register Your Craft

    All vessels and houseboats used or kept on the navigation, including those in marinas, must be registered with the Environment Agency and display a registration certificate.

  • Take Care Mooring

    Boats must be securely moored and in such a way as not to obstruct other boats in their navigation of the river.

    Do not “Beach” your craft into reed beds and vegetation.

    Do not tie up, when mooring, to trees growing out from the bank edge.

    If a boat is moored against the bank, no mooring rope or chain must be placed across the public footpath.

  • Mind Your Wash

    Be aware of the wash that your craft creates. 

    Wash prematurely erodes river banks and can harm wildlife.

    Reduce your speed when passing moored boats, excessive wash can violently rock other boats. 


River Status


All vessels using these waterways must be registered with the Environment Agency.

For further information call: 03708 506 506


Last updated: 14 Jul, 23:32 PM