Allington Slipway

Our Slipway at Allington Lock provides an ideal launching base from which to explore the River Medway. Before use, please see the Lock Keeper to pay any fees (prices at link below) due and to check any necessary registration requirements.

The Slipway and car park can get busy at times and for the safety and enjoyment of everyone it is important that a few simple rules are followed.

Before Launching.

  • Speak to duty Lock Keeper.
  • Check weather and tidal conditions.
  • Please Park where directed by Lock Keeper.
  • Do not block access – rig your vessel away from the slipway.
  • When parked ensure handbrake is on and holding.
  • Assess the risks such as Slips, trips, and falls.
  • Be aware of other users of the slipway, including Paddleboarders, canoeists and pedestrians.
  • Check the trailer tow hitch and boat are properly secured before using the Slipway.   


  • Be aware of people around you, including people launching by hand.
  • Know where the end of the Slipway is.
  • Never stand behind a boat trailer while it is being launched or recovered.
  • When reversing, if possible, use a second person (Banksman) to guide you back.
  • Remove your vehicle immediately after using Slipway.
  • No trailers to be left on Slipway. Use area designated by Lock Keeper.


Beware- Slipways can be dangerous!

Slipway Fees

River Status


All vessels using these waterways must be registered with the Environment Agency.

For further information call: 03708 506 506

Last updated: 19 May, 09:25 AM