East Farleigh Sluice Emergency Works

Earlier this year, the sluice at East Farleigh developed a fault in the gate raising mechanism, meaning that the twin gate structure, commissioned in the late 1930s, can only operate on a single gate. In order to restore our ability to manage water levels upstream of Teston, we are embarking on emergency works to repair the fault, and safeguard the operation of the structure for the next 5 years.

The Problem

The sluice comprises of two vertical roller type steel gates, each gate is raised and lowered independently by steel wire ropes. In 2003 and 2010 one of the steel ropes failed, therefore a full rope replacement project was needed.
We had planned to carry out a routine rope replacement in early 2021, however, other problems became apparent at the sluice, namely the failure of the counterweight guide tubes on one gate. This failure means that we have to carry out further maintenance on an emergency basis so that the sluice is able to operate fully before the winter of 2021/22.


The works

This will involve temporary dewatering of the sluice gates, and the establishment of a large crane to deliver materials from the bank, to the structure itself. We hope to carry out these works during September and October 2021, and to be off site for the winter when high flows are more likely.

River Status


All vessels using these waterways must be registered with the Environment Agency.

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Last updated: 01 Mar, 12:00 PM